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Season 1, Episode 6
Episode 1x06 ICU Lindy
Air date 16 February, 2015
Written by Emmy Grinwis
Directed by Nathan Hope
U.S. viewers (million) 0.71[1]
Acronym translation Intensive Care Unit
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ICU is the sixth episode of Season 1 and the sixth episode of the series overall.


Lindy helps Tommy to stop a hacker that's messing with a hospital—off the books—but to do so, she needs to become a patient.


Lindy is making dinner for Jake, who thinks they're going to a restaurant for their date instead, because he cooked dinner for her a few weeks prior. Tommy shows up, and Lindy receives a text message from Jake that he can't make it; meanwhile, Tommy tries what Lindy made. Soon after, Tommy explains to Lindy that he needs her help for an off-the-books job at a hospital where an ex of his works.

At the hospital, Tommy explains to Lindy what needs to be done, and then she leaves to connect to the servers' Wifi. Upon learning of the hackers' potential whereabouts, Lindy hatches an alternative plan that goes against Tommy's orders and calls George for help. Whilst waiting for George, Lindy begins exercising excessively and consuming energy drinks to raise her heartbeat and mimic a fever. When George arrives, Tommy sees the van and grows suspicious, then checks it out as he calls for backup. Meanwhile, George is helping Lindy get into the ICU.





  • "ICU" stands for "Intensive Care Unit".
  • Lindy has been avoiding Tommy since the events of the last episode.




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  • Years & Years — "Real"
  • Haley Bonar — "Sun Don't Shine"
  • Saint Saviour — "Intro (Sorry)"
  • Fractures — "It’s Alright"



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